Simplified: Should You Choose Wooden or Plastic Shoe Tree?

First of all, let us understand what is shoe tree & why it is important. When you buy a pair of expensive leather or dress shoe it is necessary to take care of them so that its fresh look can be preserved for long years.

When we use shoes, they gradually lose their original shape & develops creases. These creases make the shoe look ugly and old in just 3-6 months. To maintain the newness of the shoe it is necessary to use Shoe Tree inside the shoe for at least 24 hours after each use.

The shoe tree is one of those shoe accessories that help in keeping the original shape of the shoe & prevents the wrinkles on them. They increase the longevity of the shoe.

Spending on a shoe tree is like an investment that aids in keeping the designer shoe looks new for an extended period. It is recommended to use the shoe tree not just for expensive shoes but for all types of shoes to increase their life.

Wooden Versus Plastic Shoe Tree

The Shoe Tree is either made of plastic or wooden. If you don’t know which one to select i.e wooden or plastic shoe tree, then understand the difference between a wooden & plastic Shoe Tree

Wooden Shoe Tree   Plastic Shoe Tree
Made of cedar, beechwood, Alderwood, or varnished wood Made of wide Synthetic polymers   or semi-synthetic   organic compounds
Wood by nature is porous as a result can absorb moisture from leather & extend the life span of the shoe. They don’t absorb any moisture from the shoe
 Cedar shoe tree removes stinks from the shoe due to their natural aroma They don’t help in removing sweaty smell from shoe
They are heavy so it is inconvenient to carry during travel Light-weighted and are perfect for travel
They are expensive Very cheap and pocket friendly
The varnished wood shoe is attractive looking Doesn’t have much aesthetic value
Not much flexibility is available in terms of sizes. You may have to buy different wooden shoe tree for different shoes Plastic Shoe Tree can be used for a large variety of shoes  
They are durable & few can be stored for life long They cannot sustain for life long

It is quite obvious from the above pointers that in many ways the wooden shoe tree is better than a plastic shoe tree. However, I will suggest having both a wooden and plastic shoe tree. Use the wooden shoe tree when you are at home & use a plastic tree when on travel.

Top 5 Best Plastic Shoe Tree That We Recommend

As mentioned above, having a plastic shoe tree is beneficial if you travel a lot and don’t want your shoe getting crushed in your suitcase.

If you have a large collection of shoes that you don’t wear daily, then it is practical to buy a plastic shoe tree for them, as plastic trees are cheap and available in a wide variety of colors.

Below is the list of plastic shoe tree that has been rated high for its quality and adjustability.

1. B&E LIFE 5 Pairs Practical Plastic Adjustable Length Men Shoe Tree Stretcher Boot Holder Organizers


  • As they come in 5 pairs it is easier & convenient to use them for multiple pairs of shoes.
  • Made of good quality hard plastic & steel
  • They are very lightweight & perfect travel tree.
  • Easy to adjust its length to fit perfectly into the men’s shoe with sizes ranging from 5.5-inches to 11.5-inches.
  • Can be used for closed-toe heels, boots, tennis shoes, moccasins & sneakers.

2. Eachway Shoe Stretcher Shoe Trees for Men and Women


  • Made with premium ABS plastic material with a strong steel shaft that can serve for at least 10 yrs.
  • Can be used for both Men’s & women’s shoes.
  • Adjustable in terms of both length & width to fit into the variety of shoe style, shape & sizes.
  • Its professional construction helps those who complains of pain from unions, calluses, corns, or other feet issues
  • They are versatile as they can be used in leather, suede, flats, sandals, loafers, oxfords, tennis shoes, slippers, sneakers, canvas shoes, sports shoes, peep toes shoes, ankle boots, bike shoes, wedge heels.
  • Each pair comes in a canvas shoe bag, as a result, it protects the shoe from dust & moisture.

3. Hanger Project Travel Shoetree


  • They are manufactured in Italy
  • Designed specifically to be used in shoes during travel.
  • Made of lightweight & high-grade plastic.
  • The size is adjustable to fit the shoe perfectly.
  • They can be used for shoes & sneakers.

4.Yalumo Women Shoe Stretcher Pair 4-way Shoe Expander Widener Extender for Wide Feet.


  • Made with extreme quality plastic & metal as a result serves for a longer period without any cracks.
  • Its shoe stretcher parts are rustproof &eco friendly
  • Due to its ergonomic handle, it is user friendly.
  • Has got a smooth surface, as a result, doesn’t cause any damage to the shoe while putting in & out of the shoe.
  • It can stretch collectively or separately in 4 ways i.e, expands., widens, lengthens, and stretch in a specific area, raise an instep area for better fitment.
  • By stretching width wise it helps to reduce foot pressure and help those who have feet issues like bunions, corns. 
  • They fit women with shoe sizes between  5.5-10 inches.
  • They are suitable for as leather shoes, flats, sandals, loafers, oxfords, slippers, tennis shoes, canvas shoes, sneakers, peep toes shoes, ankle boots, suede shoes, wedge heels shoes.