Top 49 Models Which are Still Remembered in the History of Soap Shoes

Do you still remember those shoes with grind plates? Back in 90’s the coolest guy used to impressed everyone in schools & colleges by performing heart-throbbing sliding stunts with those magical shoes.

Though grind shoes was a hit among young adults in the west coast it soon disappeared from the market. These shoes are now no longer manufactured or sold in any retailer shops.

However, if you are lucky they can still be found from auction sites and online shopping sites like eBay or Amazon.

The tragic story of grind shoes started in 1997 when Chris Morris of Artemis Innovations Inc. introduced the first-ever grind shoe under the Brand Name “Soap”. They had plastic plates in the sole of the shoes which enabled the wearer to grind on obstacles such as benches, handrails or Pipes.

Soap Shoe started a new sports trend among the youngster as they can play anywhere at any time while walking on road, mall or beach.

For 3 years it gained so much popularity that various other companies also joined the race & started launching their version of grind shoes. However, when compared with Soap Shoes they didn’t get much of recommendations.

NB: Please don’t confuse these type of athletic shoes with the popular sonic shoes which are rather plush shoes for style & comfort, and still on sale at amazon till-date.

Let us have a look at all those  models of grind shoes which was made by various companies like Artemis Innovations Inc; Heeley Inc; Rollerblade; Salomon and Bizo

Credit Source: Solid Grind Forum

Artemis Innovations Inc.

Artemis Innovations Inc.launched  Soap Shoe in 1997 which was the first of its kind in the market. But by 2001 its manufacturing completed stopped when the founder of the company Chris Morris lost control of the company due to legal issue, later on, the company was sold to Heeling Sports limited but HSL  again had to sell the soap shoe patent to Sequential Brand Group as recession had badly affected the stock market of HSL.

From 1997 till 2001 under the leadership of Chris Morris, Artemis Innovations Inc. released various models of Soap Shoes. They are as follows

1. Soap Boltar

It is one of the most popular models in the shop. It had 3 exfoliant bars inside and outside of each shoe which prevent the shoes from wrecking damage while doing aggressive stunts. They used to came stock with Original grind plate but later on, they came standard with replaceable BBK grind plates. The shoe was made out of  Plastic leather and thick nylon fiber.

They came in colors like Indigo (navy / black / white) ;Bruise Black & Blue (black / royal / white) ;Grey (grey / white / teal) ;-Cobalt; Rust (rust / white / black );-hite (black / white)

2. Soap A-Side

This A-Side model of soap shoe was never released in the market as the retailer did not have an interest in this model. It was the second model of soap shoes.

3. Soap Broadside

Soap Broadside is the first model of soap which had both sole plate & a lateral plate ( 50/50). This model had grind plate slipknot which made grinding slower than normal soap grind plate. Slipnot grind plate was not replaceable, they came as the fixed sole feature of the shoe. Because of its lightweight, the wearer could jump a height comfortably. The sides of the lateral (50/50) plate was designed for doing tricks like tweaking feet,  as royales, UFOs, backslides. In spite of having striking features, this model was not liked by many because of its high price.

They were available in colors like Blue (black / blue / white); Green (black / green / white).

4. Soap Chaos

This model of soap was released in 2003. It was a super light soap shoe model with the express grind plate which was not replaceable. Chaos had Suede & Mesh Upper, Light phylon midsole and a removable PU sock liner.

It was available in colors like Black / Charcoal / Royal Blue; Charcoal / Gray / Yellow

5. Soap Clean

The black soap clean is the first original soap shoe introduced in the market. It was a basic grind shoe which came stock with replaceable Original grind plate. This model was designed to allow air inside the shoe and had UHF Original grind plate.

They came in colors like Baby Blue; Black; Faded Blue (blue/white); Graphite (charcoal/grey); Sand; White

6. Soap Crowbar

It was a tough designed soap shoe which came stocked with a replaceable curb buster grind plate to grind on rough surfaces. Crowbar model comprises of features like abrasion-resistant molded lace shields and a polyurethane midsole which provided comfort to the wearer during walking or while doing tricks. Other features included 3 exfoliant bars and 2 exfoliant lines on the insides and outsides of each shoe to avoid damages to the shoe while doing stunts.

They were available in colors like Black/Yellow (black / yellow / grey);Grey (grey / white / black);Black/Blue (black / navy)

7. Soap Daggit

Soap Daggit Model is the only high-top released models which protects ankle during landing. It also included exfoliant bar on the inside and outside of each shoe which prevented tearing of the shoe during grinding. This model had BBK removable grind plates.

They were available in colors like Blue & White (navy/white); Slate (grey/white)

8. Soap Dash

Soap Dash is a light-weight model which had skate style. It came with Impact grind plates which were not- replaceable.

They were available in colors like White; Blue; Black

9. Soap Express

Model Soap Express was released in 2003.This model feature ‘SST'(Soap Shock-absorbing Technology )  for absorbing shock during hard landing offs. It had Express grind plate, leather & mesh upper removable PU Sock liner,

They were available in colors like Gray / Black / Royal Blue;Black / Charcoal / Gray;White / Navy / Orange

10. Soap Fader

 Soap Fader model was used not just for grinding but was perfect for formal occasions as well. The Fader came with replaceable BBK.

They were available in colors like Black/Grey with reflective 3M piping.

11. Soap Flow

The Flow model from the soap was designed for beginners who were new to grinding sports. They were built sturdy, had multi-layered leather & a breathable mesh upper. They came with a light weighted non-replacable Impact grind plate.

They are available in colors like Tri Tone (greys / black);Charcoal (charcoal / black);Black (black / grey) ;Black/Cream ;Navy/White (navy / black / white)

12. Soap Forklift

Forklift from soap brand had 4 exfoliant bars outside & inside of each shoe which protected the shoe from ripping while leaning on the sides of the shoes during sliding. They came stock with removable curb buster grind plates which had better control on rails &   grind on tough surfaces.

They are available in colors like  Grey/Orange; Black/Gold

13. Soap Goa

Soap Goa was a good looking shoe which had a sleek futuristic design and upper-foot protection. This model was inspired by a club in Africa city. The shoe had waterproof murder pleather & a great lace. It had replaceable BBK grind plate which used to come in the stock

They were available in colors like Midnight (blue/black); Yellow Jacket (yellow/black); Mist (black / grey)

-Chernobyl (blue / green);Testerosa (red / black / white);White Out (white / black);Light Blue (light blue)

14. Soap Groove

The Groove shoe model a light shoe from brand soap was released on 3rd January 2003. It had the express grind plate, suede & mesh upper, light phylon midsole & removable PU Sock Liner.

They were available in colors like Gray / Charcoal / Red; Black / Charcoal / Lt Gray; White / Charcoal / Red

15. Soap MB Tank

The MB Tank was another tough model from Soap brand. It had exfoliant bar on the inside and outside of each shoe which protected the shoe from wear & tear while sliding on a rail. UHF Original grind plates were used in these replaceable shoes.

They available colors were Sky (blue / black) and Trail Mix – (brown / black)

16. Soap Septum

The Soap Septum was engineered to fit the curves of the feet. The model had a leather strap along with breathable mesh panels for extra stability & comfort. The Septums raised leather ribs on the toe & sides protected the feet from tough landing & hits. The lacing system of Septum kept the foot in stable & also its rubber cupsole allowed better grip & toe protection. The model had Slo Bro grind plate to  enhance control

They were available in colors like Blue/Grey (blue / grey / white) ; White/Red (white / red / black) and Earth/Sun (grey / yellow / black)

17. Soap Turntable

The Turntable is another difficult model in Soap’s row. It had a variety of features like abrasion-resistant regions such as a rubber toe bumper and heel, leather panels, metal eyelets to protect lace, an ollie wear patch, a sidewall brake bar, a polyurethane midsole for safe landing and a rubber outsole with the maximum surface area for enhanced traction and stability on all surfaces. They came stock with a replaceable Curb Buster grind plates which could grind on any type of surface, ledge or rail.

They were available in colors like Grey/Orange (grey / black / white / yellow / orange) and Grey/Black (grey / black / white / blue)

18. Soap  Ninja

Model Soap Ninja was not released in the market, its features include a mixture of Soap Septums and Soap Turntables.  The Ninja body was similar to those of Septums &  style looked very much similar to Turntable. It came with replaceable Slo Bro grind plates.

19. Soap Nitro

Soap Nitro Model was released on 7th January 2003. It was a super light soap shoe and looked almost the same as Soap Chaos with only difference in colors & were of smaller size. Nitro had Express grind plate, Suede and Mesh Upper; Super Light Phylon Midsole and Removable PU Sock Liner

They were available in colors like Charcoal / Red / White and Black / Grey / Navy

20. Soap Ordnance.

This model was one of the most popular soap shoes because of its better grind control. It was one of the strong and stylish shoe model, which came at a reasonable price. They came stock with replaceable BBK grind plate.

It came in various colors like Red Asphault (black / white / maroon) ; Petrol (navy / white / yellow) ; Flint (grey / white / orange) ; Black/Grey (black / greys) and Blue/White (blue / grey / white)

21. Soap Praba

Soap Praba is a revised edition of the Scabs. They came with non-replaceable Impact grind plate, mesh windows and a soft tongue to keep the praba weight as low as possible. The sides of the prabas include brake bar for speed control.

They were available in colors like Black/White (black / white / maroon) ; Grey (grey / black / yellow) ; Grey/Yellow (grey / white / blue) and Saffron/Gum

22. Soap Quickdraw

The Soap Quickdraw though was not released in the market but it had certain striking features which made it different from other Soap shoe models. First, this model had quickdraw grind plates and its quick-release technology made it a screwless grind plate. Secondly, model laces were designed to go around and tied them in the back.

They were available in colors like Grey/Orange (grey / black / orange) and Grey/Yellow (grey / yellow / black) .

23. Soap Scab

The Soap Sacb was one of the most popular soap shoes which were in the market for a long time. The outer surface of the shoe had smooth leather & quadruple stitching. To ensure the fitment of the foot, it included pre-molded heel counter & also had a polyurethane sock liner to provide comfort during landing and land walks. Though they were popular it was quite heavy. It came with replaceable UHF original grind plates and its newer version had Slo Bro Grind plate.

They came in variety of colors like Dumb as Dirt Brown (brown / white) ; Cheer Blue & Gold (light blue / tan) ; Navy (navy blue / white) ; White (all white) ; Bumblebees (black / gold) ; Black (black / white) ; Smoke (grey / white) ; Moss (green / white) and Maroon (maroon / white) .

24. Soap Scam

The Soap Scam was released in 2003, it was a super light shoe with leather and mesh upper, light phylon midsole, and a removable PU sock liner. Express Grind plates were used in this model.

They were available in colors like Black / Charcoal / Royal Blue and Charcoal / Gray / Yellow

25. Soap Scorcher

Soap Scorcher was one of the best rail friendly soap shoes. They were designed to be faster & super light. It had upper extra mesh, extremely light sole and a non-replaceable Speedster grind plate. The Speedster grind plate had the quality to grind faster, smoothly and inclusion of built-in brakes on these plates allowed the wearer to control speed.

They were available in colors like Red (red / white / grey) ; Blue (blue / black / white) and Yellow/Black (yellow / black / grey / white)

26. Soap Spike

A hard and comfortable soap shoe was Spike. For convenience, it had layered protective regions with smooth mesh. The armor of the Spike expanded to three layers of leather in the ollie region, a molded heel plate, a rubber bumper covering the entire toe region. It came with replaceable Curb buster grind plates.

They were available in various colors like Grey/Yellow (grey / yellow / blue / black )and  Grey/Orange (grey / orange / black)

27. Soap Spin

The spins were the only couple of Soap shoes which was launched without a grinding plate. They were sold to bikers, skaters, and scooter drivers from Razor.

They were available in colors like charcoal /red; navy and grey

28. Squeaky Clean

The Squeaky Cleans from Soap was a new version of  Soap Cleans Model. While they still enhanced the look but kept the design of the shoe simple. The Squeaky Clean had a better circulation of air than the earlier Clean and was much more comfortable as well. Squeaky Cleans came with replaceable  BBK grind plates.

They came in a broad range of colors like Black (black / gum); Imperial (navy / white / gum); Headstone Grey (grey/white) and White/Gum.

29. Soap Sylon

The Sylon was an excellent quality shoe. It was comfortable, well-protected, and had a very stylish look on the shoe top. The Sylon included  1 exfoliant bar on each side of each shoe for safety while grinding in tweaked tricks like royales, UFOs or when attempting to break on a rail. The older Sylons models (black, dragonfly and spectrum) come with replaceable BBK grind plates, while the latest Sylons models(black/silver and white/gum) had replaceable Octane grind plates and the oldest i.e, white sylon model had replaceable Original grind plates.

They were available in colors like Spectrum (charcoal / white / navy) ; Blue (black / grey / light blue) ; Gunmetal (charcoal / white) and White

30. Soap T-Bone

The T-Bone was released by Soap on 7th January 2003. Soap produced T-Bone with half of a  soleplate. The plate angles down, so the wearer can grind on the heel part of their shoe to do any kind of sole trick. This model had Cemented-On ‘T-Bone’ Nylon Grind Plate, Leather and Mesh Upper, PU Midsole and Removable PU Sock Liner

They appeared in colors like Black / Lt Gray and Gray / Charcoal / Red

31. Soap  Vector

The Soap Vector was a tough shoe which had combined features of old & new soap shoe. It had simple design and grip as found on old soap shoe. This shoe’s sole and surrounding bottom region was very comparable to that on the Soap Ordnances, which was well known for their convenience and grinding control characteristics. It had replaceable Slo Bro grinding plates.

They came in colors like Navy; White  and Charcoal

32. Soap Viva L.V.

Soap’s Viva Las Vegas was an unpublished model &  very distinctive because they did not have any shoelaces. They extended around feet and was supposed to come with replaceable grind plates of BBK.

They came in colors like Brown (brown/black) and Ink (black)

33. Soap Warp

The soap warp was another unpublished model which had lower cuts compared to other models of soap shoes and offered a great level of comfort. The replaceable Slo Bro plates were the standard grinding plates for the Soap Warps.

They came with a stylish color  like black/grey and white

34. Soap Slice

This Model of Soap was supposed to be released in February 2005 but was never launched in the market.

Heeling Sports Limited

Heelys, Inc., formerly referred as Heeling Sports Limited who are known for inserting removable wheel into the shoe heels, converting them into stealth skates which offered people the liberty to switch easily from walking to skating by putting the weight on their heels. And when the wheels are removed, it functions like any other normal shoe

Heelys had earlier owned the brand Soap in 2002 when In-Stride went bankrupt and had to put Soap Shoes Patent for sale after they took over the ownership from Artemis Innovations.

Although Heeley introduced their version of eleven soap shoe model by adding wheels to them, later on, they discontinued manufacturing soap shoes any more, as they failed to penetrate the market. The reason for Heeley Soap shoe failure has been stated with the two reasons. First, Heeley introduced too many shoes with not much of differences, Secondly, the retailer did not want to take the risk because of  In-Stride failure, while few others believed as Heeley launched two many new models with limited stock, they could not fulfill the demand of their retailers.

Heelys Soap shoe Models were  as below

1. Heelys Shoe Blaze

The blaze was released on 20th June 2005. They came both with heels and in-built grind plate, so that wearer can enjoy both skating and grinding. The wheels on the heel of the shoe were easy to remove for a normal walk by substituting it with the included sole saver heel plug.

It  featured express grinding plates , brushed synthetic and molded mesh upper, abrasion-resistant toe piece, nylon grind plate, “Wave” comfort heel bracket, “Air Pocket” heel cushioning, ABEC 7 reinforced 688 micro bearings, steel “Coin Axle”, theft-proof wheel packaging and “Fats” PU wheels with Heelys graphics.

They were available in colors like charcoal/gray/royal.

2. Heeley Shoe Evolution

Evolution was released in the market on 21st September 2005. It had in-built express grind plate & removable wheels. Other features included breathable mesh upper, abrasion-resistant toe piece, nylon grind plate, “Gel-Pack” heel cushioning, “Wave” comfort heel bracket, ABEC 7 608 bearings, steel “Coin Axle” and “Big Deuce” PU wheels.

It was available in colors like charcoal/black/red and charcoal/black/silver

3. Heelys Shoe Flow

The flow was released on 22nd Sept 2003. It was an outstanding, simple, durable and designed keeping the starter in mind. It feathered breathable multi-layered leather and upper mesh. The flow came with a lightweight sole with a non-replaceable express grind plate combined with wheels on the heels.

4. Heelys Shoe Fusion

Fusion was launched in 20th March 2003. It had in-built grind rails plate which was Heelys exclusive . It included features like brushed synthetic/mesh upper, ABEC 7 “688” Micro Bearing and colored PU, Fats PU wheels with radius edge, Snap-in reinforced threaded coin axle, Injection molded phylon midsole, Sole Saver heel plug and removal tool.

5. Heelys Shoe Grail

Released in 22nd September 2002. Grail featured brushed leather/Mesh upper with Abrasion-resistant outsoles, removable sock liner, shock-absorbing heel pad, breathable lining, ABEC 7 “688” micro bearing with colored PU “Fats” wheels and snap-In threaded “Coin” axle. It had non-replaceable grind rails as grind plate

6. Heelys Shoe Mack

Mack was released on 23rd September 2003 and the best shoe for a starter who is still learning to balance. It came with an independent pair of 52mm Clear PU big wheels, in-built nylon grind plate, ABEC 7 “688” reinforced micro bearings, Quick Button Release System which pops the wheels out, Nu-buc finish leather, extremely light phylon midsole and included wheel Hole plugs.

They were available in colors like gray/charcoal/red and black/charcoal/royal blue

7. Heelys Shoe Neo

Neo was released in the market on 21st June 2005 which had in-built grind rails with removable wheels.

8. Heelys Shoe Rave

Rave model with express grind plate was released by Heelys on 22nd September 2004. It was considered to be one of the best Heelys soap shoes which had simple color schemes along with additional tough uppers and slick fast action express grind plate. It features also included  “Fats Model” wheels with Heelys graphics, ABEC 7 bearings, shock-absorbent soles, “Air pocket” heel cushioning, “Wave” comfort heel, “Sole Saver” heel plug and removal tool.

9. Heelys Shoe Slam

Slam from Heeleys was released on 21st June 2003. The shoe came with grind rails grind plate with the wheels

10. Heelys Shoe Surge

Surge got released on 20th June 2004. It features included express grind plate ABEC 7 688 reinforced micro bearings, fats  model wheels, sole saver heel plug, snap-in reinforced threaded coin axle, abrasion-resistant nylon grind rails, outsole removable sock liner, shock-absorbing heel pad, breathable lining

11. Heelys Shoe Torch

The torch came to market on 15th August 2006. It features included molded synthetic suede with breathable mesh upper , abrasion resistance toe, gel-pack heel cushioning, PU midsole, “Wave” comfort heel bracket, “MEGA” clear PU wheels with graphics, ABEC 7 608 bearings, steel “Coin Axle”, nylon express Grind Plate and Includes heel plugs and removal tool.

They came in color like Black/Charcoal/Silver

Rollerblade -Grind Shoe

Rollerblade is a former grind shoe company and was the only company which manufactured the in-line-skates with distribution worldwide. The company was founded in 1980 & owned by Nordica.

In 1998 Rollerblade introduced a new product line i.e their grind shoe named as TGS. TGS was quite popular when it was launched in the market and now they are discontinued.TGS was designed for grinding on rails, sliding and jumping.

Salomon Group -Grind Shoes

Salomon Group is a former grind shoe company and currently operating worldwide manufacturing French sports equipment. Salomon released 2 grind shoe models. They are as below-

1. Mr. Wilson

Mr.Wilson was released by Salomon group around 2000, although its exact year & date of its release are still unknown. It had a sole plate along with a  lateral (50/50) plate in the arch of the sole. Salomon was the first company to introduce a  lateral (50/50) plate in the arch of the sole

The plates used in this grind shoe was so soft that wearer can sense the barriers below their feet which made the plates grind slower. They showcased a distinctive lace-up system that made the shoe much faster to put on /remove

2. X Factor

The X Factor grind shoe was released by Salomon after the launch of Mr.Wilson grind shoe model. X Factor. The Primary distinctions here was that the quick-release lace-up system was removed and substituted with standard lace  . Another difference was it had tougher grind plates which offered the wearer to grind at greater speed with less feel of the obstacle under its feet.

Bizo Grind Shoe

Bizo was a former grind shoe & currently, the company does not exist as it got out of business. They founded in the late 1990s and introduced two grind shoe under their banner.

As a marketing strategy, the company organized online games & contests on their official website & offered Bizo grind shoes to the winner.

Below are some little information on their grind shoe model

1. Ax

Bizo Ax model was available in color light gray & navy blue. Ax had lower plates which touched the ground and was very comfortable to wear. They were made of Bizo armor materials to protect the grind shoe

2. Hardware

Bizo Hardware grind shoe was available in colors like black/charcoal and charcoal/black. They were again made of Bizo armor materials to protect the shoe. The grind plates used in this model had a smaller size than regular size grind plates. It was a durable grind shoe which enables grinding on all types of rails & surfaces.