Substitute for Soap Shoe

In the present day, an innovative footwear accessory related to grinding had been noticed in the name of Skidz Grind Plates which is getting good reviews for its cool idea of strapping the grind plates to the sole of any type of shoe.

Skidz Grind Plates: A New Arrival

Skidz grind plates have recently been launched by an Australian online skates stores and are now available in the market for sale.

Skidz Grind plates have a strap which enables the plates to get attached to the sole of any shoe. These grind plates fit on any type of shoes from any brand. They are easy & do not involve any complexities to get it strapped to the sole of the shoe.

They are made of premium quality of plastic, as a result, it is lightweight. As it is compact & lightweight it can be easily carried in a backpack and take them out when you want some actions.

Skidz grind plates allow the wearer to experience smooth slides on rails, benches, ledges & many other things.

Benefits of  Skidz Grind Plates Over  Soap Shoe

1. Soap Shoe are expensive than Skidz Grind Plates. When aggressively used for grinding, the surface of grind plates damages relatively faster then shoe, to replace skidz grind plates is comparatively easier rather than soap grind plates because of their cost-effectiveness. Skidz Grind Plates are available within a price range $15-$25 which is much cheaper than buying a soap shoe.

2. Skidz Grind Plates are much lighter than grind shoe from brand soap. The wearer can easily perform any stunts without losing controls. Grind Plates from Skidz weighs a little less than 0.4 pounds whereas Soap shoe weighs approximately 3.6-pound weight of a Soap grind shoe. As Skidz Grind Plates are small in size and lightweight it is more comfortable to carry it in a backpack on the other hand  carrying soap shoes is a bit  inconvenient because of their heavyweight

3. Skidz Grind Plates does not require any specific shoes, it fits a wide range of shoe style. They don’t require any matching outfits as the plates can be strapped to the sole of any type of shoes however it is not the same with soap shoes as their grind plates come along with specific shoe only.

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