True Story About Sonic Adventure 2 Soap Shoes And Real Soap Shoes

The story behind sonic adventure 2 soap shoes & real soap shoes, do you want to know? Then continue reading this post till the end.

In a video game, people identify the character of Sonic the Hedgehog by its blue color and his powerful Sneakers.

Sonic Character was first launched in the video game market in the year 1991. He was found wearing a pair of red and white sneakers with a gold buckle on the side. In 1998 Sonic Adventure series was released on Sega Dreamcast in Japan where Sonic was still wearing the same red and white sneakers.

The Sonic Adventure was created by Sonic Team which was lead by Takashi Iizuka and Yuji Naka.

But later on, the sonic team had a  strategic split was made because of which Yuji Naka along with Japanese team focused on New project  Such as Phantasy Star Online while Takashi Iizuka went to the United States and set up the office in San Fransisco, California.

He called & his team named themselves as “Sonic Team USA”  & started focusing on new assignments which will be designed for western gamers. The Sonic Team USA took a lot of inspiration from their new home San Fransico for e.g they were inspired by city streets, Golden Gate Bridge. Ultimately the team started developing and included their inspirations into the game ” Sonic Adventure 2″.In this game, Sonic had a new skill of grinding. Sonic could grind and jump on rails with great high speed.

Sonic Adventure 2 was released in the USA on June 2001. It was for the first time where gamers noticed that sonic was having new footwear which can be actually brought from the market under the brand name “Soap Shoes”.

Brand Soap Shoes was manufactured by company Artemis Innovation in 1997. These shoes were made especially for grinding purpose as the sole of the shoe had grind plates made of premium plastics which enable the wearer to jump & slide down the rails smoothly.

The Soap Shoes was not very popular at that time, As a marketing strategy  Chris Morris the founder and owner of Artemis Innovation made a deal with Sega to use Soap Shoes as footwear for Sonic the Hedgehog in the game. In order to advertise Soap Shoes, the Sonic Team USA introduction of the sonic new skill of grinding fitted perfectly for Soap Shoes as these Shoes were made for grinding only.

This branding strategy of Soap Shoes proves to be profitable for Chris Morris as young teens & pre-teen started demanding & buying Soap Shoes from local retailers. Soap Shoes were sold like hotcakes.

But the agreement between the two companies lasted only for one game. Because of legal issue, Chris Morris lost control of his company Artemis Innovation. Later on, Soap Shoes was sold to In-Stride but in 2002 In-Stride sold soap shoes to Heeling Sports limited after In-stride went bankrupt

.Heeling Sports Limited combined soap shoes with their wheels shoes and launched an upgraded version of grind shoes under Heeley’s brand. Overall this hybrid shoe was not doing great & after the recession hit HSL sold the Soap Shoe brand to Sequential Brand Group.

Soap Shoe is no more available now in the market. With years passing by Sonic till date is seen with Soap Shoes in various edition & version of Sonic Adventure2.Only because fans of Sonic loves seeing him doing jump & stuns with Soap Shoes. Sega continues to own the right to use certain soap shoes for sonic without using the brand or advertisement for Soap Shoe.

Puma a german multinational third-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world signed an agreement with Sega.

This partnership launched PUMA x SEGA RS-0 Sonic Edition in June 2018. In this edition  Sonic, the Hedgehog is found running super fast with  The classic PUMA RS-0 running-shoe model.

Recently their partnership will be running Sonic the Hedgehog in Cinema Theaters on November 2019  where Sonic is expected to be seen running with puma speed 500.

It is expected Puma Speed 500 Sneakers will be available in the market at almost the same time when the Sonic the Hedgehog new release will hit the theaters.

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