Interesting Facts: Why Soap Shoes Sonic Plush Are Rare And Where To Buy

Do you agree that Soap Shoes Sonic Plush are rare to find? Yes, I can see all nodding your heads. It was until recently that  I never understood why they are so difficult to find and where to look for them.

It all happened when my youngest nephew repeatedly requested on his birthday to help him find the so-called stuffed toy sonic plush wearing his specific pair of soap shoes. At that moment it never appeared to me how precious & challenging it would be for me to get this uncommon super cool toy.

As it captured my attention & interest, I decided to do my research. My today post is a brief compilation of my research which I believe will guide those who don’t know where to find Soap Shoes Sonic Plush. But before that let us first understand the real story behind their existence & why they are so rare.

In 1999 when SEGA launched their video game Sonic Adventure at the same time they released the Sonic Plush with his Powerful Sneaker in connection to the game as a promotional strategy. They were distributed through UFO catchers machines in Japan and was also available to buy out in the United States from online stores.

The first series of Sonic Adventure became most liked video game by the players and because of its success, the SEGA Team released its second series “Sonic Adventure 2 ” in 2001. This series was western Inspired where the character Sonic is seen with the new skill of grinding & another unique factor was he had   SOAP shoe footwear which in actual can be brought for grinding on rails. The SEGA Team had an agreement with the brand  Soap Shoe company to advertise their brand. The Sonic with Soap Shoes was  a purposely designed  because of the contract between the two companies

 During the announcement of Sonic Adventure2,  SEGA  team released the Sonic plush related to the game as a promotional strategy & also to celebrate 10th of Sonic’s. This Plush looked almost the same as first series sonic plush but was still different as he is wearing soap shoes &  had a tag ” Not for Sale” which was not displayed in the tag for first series  Sonic plush.

Tag ” Not for Sale” is not the only reason which made him a  rare availability in the market. Another reason was this Sonic Plush won the heart of video gamers as it looked almost the same as Sonic Character with detailed  Soap Shoe feature which created the craze & demand for it.  But as released in limited numbers its availability was restricted to Japan only which could be won through UFO machines or purchased from SEGA Stores.

Since 2001, Soap shoe Sonic plush had many version. The first Release of Sonic Plush with Soap Shoe had a logo of Sonic Adventure 2  and a  gold wire on its head for hanging purpose.

In Jan 2002 World hobby fair event in Japan was conducted where a new version of Soap Shoe Sonic Plush. was distributed as a gift. This Sonic Plush was released only for the event in Japan. In this version, the only visible difference was the logo which reads “Sonic”  with a  tag “Not for Sale”

In 2003 when SEGA released Sonic Heroes in Korea, they distributed Soap shoe sonic plush as a free bonus to those who pre-ordered the game. This Sonic Plush had upside-down eyes & had a tag with Sonic Heroes Logo.

The Final Version of Soap Shoe Sonic Plush was released again for a promotional reason. It had a  tag saying “Not for Sale” and displayed the art of Sonic with an entire full logo which was attached to Plush hand with gold string.

Where to Find Soap Shoes Sonic Plush

The most important question now is where to find this high-value toy.  But don’t worry as  I will help you with the list of online sites from where people have previously purchased soap sonic plush.

As it is a hard item to find so you need to be patience & search frequently because you don’t know when it will suddenly appear on these selling sites.

So here goes the list.

1. Yahoo! JAPAN Auctions

It is the largest online auction sites in Japan which have been set up by search engine Yahoo in 1998. Here you can get rarest collections including sonic plush at the reasonable budget & quality.

2. Mercari

Mercari is another well known selling app in Japan for used products. The stuffed toy from the sonic adventure is sometimes seen for sell on their sites. They majorly target U.S.customers.

3. Surugaya

Surugaya is one of the best  & popular online auction shops, where you can get a second-hand product from Japan. It is a site where you can look for the rarest sonic plush collections at affordable prices. Only negative about this site is its time-consuming process to ship the order, they will usually take one to two weeks to ship the ordered product.

4. eBay

eBay doesn’t require any introduction as most of us have done shopping from this site. It is one of the largest online shopping sites where sonic plush are enlisted sometime for sell. The only negative point is its high price.

5. Otsukai

Otsukai is a platform which helps you to have exclusive items from Japan. But they operate differently unlike other selling sites. Here you will not find any catalog of items but what you have to do is “to make a request ” for the items you are searching. If Japanese users have the item or find the item which you are looking for, they will make an offer. You may end up with multiple offers from different Japanese users, so choose the best offer.

6.Sonic Gear

Sonic Gear is not any selling site, it is a fan-made site where various collections of sonic plush are displayed with detail description and if applicable it also mentions the exact place from where you can get them.

As mentioned earlier finding Soap Shoe Sonic Plush is just like finding the hidden treasure but still, you can own them if you are regular on auction sites & online shopping sites including a fan-created group on the web.

Thank you for reading Why Soap Shoes Sonic Plush Are Rare And Where To Find Them and Please Don’t Forget To Share It.