Everything you must know about Shoelace Guards

Whether you call them as shoelace guard, or shoelace clips, or shoelace locks, they are all the same i.e, all of them are shoelace accessories designed to stop shoelaces from getting loosened or unknotting. They keep you safe from tripping by not letting lace knot loosen.

Who should use them?

These lace clips or lock can be installed on ant shoelaces and can be used by anyone be it kids, adults, or elderly. They are constructed in such a manner that it can be used by everyone.

Children can use them in school and playground, adults can use them in sports and workplace especially if they are working in an industrial area.

Even elderly people with arthritis or joint replacement who struggle every day at tying the shoelaces can also use them.

They are not just a safety accessory item but they also add style to your shoes.Younger adults like them as they look super cool and fashionable.

Using a sole guard will improve longevity of shoe sole, and rubbing leather oil will smoothen creases on your shoe leather.

Helpful Tips

Guidelines to follow before purchasing a lace guard.

Though the purpose of lace clips is preventing injuries due to loose shoelace knots, there is some important advice that you must check before you decide to buy them. Let us have a look at those pointers.

  1. First, it is important to know for whom you are buying. Are you buying for a child, or an elderly person, or an adult? Because varieties of lace clips and guards are available in the market that is not universally suitable for all ages. For example, there are shoelace guards that are meant for kids only, while there are some designed for adults or elderly .
  2. The second point which you need to consider is are you buying just for general safety, or need them for special purposes like running and sports, or older parents with motor skill difficulties. Buy specific shoelace clips that have the features to fulfill those special needs.
  3. Matching your lace guard with shoe color, otherwise, it will ruin the entire appearance of the shoe.
  4. Though shoelace guards are available at affordable prices, still keep your budget in mind while buying them.

The Best Shoelace locks:

Based on our research and study, the following are the best-reviewed shoelace clips.

  1. For kids: Shoelace Guard and Homar No Tie Shoelace. They are very cute and are custom made.
  2. For Athletes, Nathan lock laces are the best choice.
  3. For general use, go for Xpand No-Tie Laces System and Kiwi Boing No-Tie Laces
  4. For Seniors and those suffering arthritis, the recommended option is to shop from Lock Laces

All of these lace guards and shoelace clips can be ordered either from online shopping websites like Amazon, or from retail outlets like Walmart, or else buy them from well known local retail shoe outlet.