Shoe Sole Guard: Protect the bottom of your shoe

Shoe sole guard helps in extending the life of your favorite shoes especially if they are expensive/designer ones. It is a very easy and simple technique to protect the bottom of your shoe from getting scuff and uneven.
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First of all, let’s understand what a sole guard is.

Sole protector is a shield whose thickness is almost twice the 3M film. These shields are made from Xpel technology and can withstand up to 15 days of regular daily walking, running, or hiking.

The best trick to remove shoe crease is by inserting a crease guard.

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Advantages of Shoe Sole guard

  1. They extend the life of shoes and protect the sole from general wear and tear while walking on pavement
  2. Maximize grip and traction especially on snow or smooth surface 3. Prevents slippage on road during the rainy season or on the dance floor
  3. They are pocket friendly and available at a reasonable price.
  4. Its application is so easy that you can use it without going to a cobbler. They are like stickers that need to be pasted on the sole, and just peel them off to remove them. This entire process will take around 20-30 minutes.

Disadvantages of Shoe Sole Guards.

  1. The original shoe sole looks more attractive. Putting the shoe sole guards makes it less appealing.
  2. Adding of Shoe Sole protector does make the shoe a little heavier and stiff.

Do sole protectors really work?

This is a normal question which I am mostly asked and my answer has always been yes with a 100% guarantee. A sole guard does protect the sole against grinding from daily movement. They save the construction of the shoe stitches and increases the durability and grip of the shoe.

How long do sole shield last?

A good quality sole shield can be easily used for at least 2 weeks if they are used for an everyday walk. To be more specific, they can be used easily for more than twenty thousand footsteps.

Which are the best shoe shield protector?

The shoe market offers us varieties of shoe sole guard from different manufacturers. And it’s confusing as which one to purchase as each of these sole protectors promises to save your designer shoes, but in reality, the scenario is quite different.
Below is a list of sole protectors that has got the best customer reviews, so you can always try them.

1.HillHouse Crystal clear sole Protector
2.Catwalk Clawz Anti-slip Sole protector
3.Shoe Bottom Slip Resistant Shoe Sole Protector for Heels
4.Fashion First Aid Sticky Bottom.
5.Space Lion Skid-proof sole stick protector.

You can easily buy them from online shopping websites or retail shops.