How a Shoe Guard Spray Protects Our Shoe

Shoe experts always recommend that Shoe guard Spray, otherwise known as Shoe Protector Spray, should be included in our day to day life.
It is important for ordinary people like us to understand and gather knowledge in detail about the reason behind it.

So let’s know What is a Shoe Protector Spray?

Whether it is our designer shoe, or dress shoe, or daily running shoe, we pay out good money for buying them, but the harsh truth is that over a period of time, regular exposure to environmental causes permanent damage to the shoe and within few months they lose their pleasing appearance.

Shoe guard Spray or shoe protector spray acts as a shield and protects shoes from extreme heat and UV related damages, and prevents any stain or dust. They also act as a waterproof coating and prevent the destruction of the shoe from rain, water, or snow.

Shoe guard Spray aids in keeping the fresh look of the shoe by preventing its damage from external surroundings.

However, every shoe protector spray cannot be used on all types of shoes. Shoes are made of different types of materials like leather, rubber, textile, synthetic, or any other fabrics. Each of these materials requires a particular protector spray specifically formulated keeping the shoe texture and material in focus so that it doesn’t cause any changes to the color of the shoe.

Just as you protect shoe leather with spray guard, you can protect it’s sole with sole guard and prevent tipping by using a shoelace guard.

Helpful Tips

How Often do we need to apply shoe protector spray?

The application of protector spray depends upon how regularly you use your shoes. If you wear the shoe on specific occasions like party or business events, then use the spray once in a month. If you are using your shoe regularly, or if the climate is very cold or wet, then apply the spray after every 2 to 4 times you wear them because the protection layer wears off due to exposure to environmental elements and friction.

Do Shoe Protector Sprays work?

The answer is yes they work like magic, especially for white shoes (to avoid dust), or those made of leather/suede to increase longevity.Shoe Sprays prevent the dirt stains and other environmental damages by coating the entire shoe with an invisible protective cover.

What is the best shoe protector spray?

High-quality expensive boots and leather shoes need to be maintained properly so they appear as fresh as when they were brought. Shoe protector sprays, as already mentioned above, helps in preventing the shoe from environmental harms. But it is really important that we buy the best quality shoe protector spray as all spray doesn’t give complete coating shield on shoes. On the basis of our research, we found these under-mentioned sprays to be the best since they have given the most satisfactory results to people who had used them.

  1. Crep Protect: It is formulated for suede leather, canvas boots, and nubuck shoes. The spray dries very quickly and is suitable to prevent stains and repels liquid.
  2. Scotchgard Fabric Protector: Pocket friendly and is suitable for fabric and canvas. It drys quickly and creates a waterproof layer on the shoe. Stops staining and allow the fabric of the shoe breathable, thus preventing feet from sweating.
  3. Kiwi Select All Protector: It can be used on different types of shoes that are made with diverse materials however it doesn’t work on vinyl or metallic leather. Resists stain and enhances the breathability of the shoe material which helps in keeping the feet dry.
  4. Nikwax TX Direct Spray: Works on almost all types of shoe materials. You can also use them on your leather jacket. The nozzle spray is designed to deliver even & gentle coating. And it also allows the breathability of fabric like textile and mesh.
  5. Apple Brand Garde Rain and Stain Repellent: Suitable for leather, suede, and canvas materials. It acts as a waterproof, oil-proof, and stain-proof protective layer. Drys quickly and is available in a convenient size.