All that you wanted to know about Shoe Creases & Shoe Crease Guard.

Shoe crease is a normal phenomenon which each of us experiences in our daily life. Shoe crease can make your shoe look ugly if they are not taken care of in due course of time.

How a Shoe Gets Crease

There are 3 major reasons for which a leather shoe or a sneaker can get these fold marks on the toe area.

  1. The shoe bends while we walk or run, & as a result, the outer material develops wrinkle-like creases.
  2. Poor Shoe fitment can cause crease quickly especially if there is too much gap between your foot and shoe toe area.
  3. Another common reason for shoe ridge is the use of cheap quality material in the making of a shoe.
    Superior quality material creates less tension on the shoe while we walk and are also water-resistant ( moisture increases the probability of shoe creases ).
  4. Shoes which are constructed from one piece of leather is found to create more marks than those shoe made from different pieces of leather.
    With shoes made from multiple parts of leather; the pressure gets to distribute equally in every part of the joint stitches.

A shoelace guard might help prevent sports accidents, and sole guard will prevent chipping off sole rubber.

Helpful Tips

How to keep your shoe from creasing?

Shoe creases are more likely to happen if they are not maintained and stored properly.

  1. Using water repellent before wearing the shoe can protect it from moisture that increases the chances of creasing.
  2. It’s important to retain the shape of shoes when you are not wearing them by either using a shoe tree or by stuffing the inside of the shoe with an old newspaper and remember not to put any sort of pressure on your shoe.
  3. During travel; fill the shoe with socks before putting them in a suitcase. This will keep the shoe in shape.
  4. After every 3 months use shoe oil or leather conditioner to keep the outer layer of the shoe soft that will enable the shoe to bend smoothly without making folding marks.
  5. Use a shoe crease guard before putting your feet into the shoe. This will ensure to keep the shoe shape firm and tight during walking movement.

Do Shoe crease protectors/guard work?

In modern days, a shoe guard is considered as the best option that can prevent almost close to 100% of shoe creases.

What are these crease guards?

  • They are made either from plastic or dense foam and designed to fit inside the toe box of the shoes to hold the shape of the shoe while walking.
  • They are made of breathable high-quality material and has small holes to keep the feet dry from sweating and resist high temperature.
  • They provide nice support to the shoe by filling the toe box and at the same time offers great flexibility while walking.
  • These shoe guards are quite lightweight and can be used in any type of footwear; be it sneakers or leather shoes or dress shoes.
  • They even come in different colors and sizes.

What are the Best Crease protectors available in the market?

It is very confusing to choose the best shoe guard especially when the market is full of both branded and unbranded Shoe Crease Shields.
Our research on customer reviews indicates the following are some of the best shoe crease shields.

  1. Crease Preventers from Shoe-Vital
  2. DS Armor Shoe Shields
  3. ForceField Toe Box Crease Preventer
  4. Sneaker Shields Universal Toe Box Decreased.
  5. Crease Beast Sneaker Guards.

Where to buy Sneaker Shields or Shoe Crease Guard?

They can be easily brought from any local retail shop or from shopping on an online site like Amazon or eBay.