How Do You Take Creases Out of Shoe?

Removing Shoe Creases is not very challenging. There are many simple and inexpensive tricks by which you can erase the wrinkles from your shoe/sneakers. NB: These methods are beneficial only if the creases are new and minimum.

Shoe Crease can happen even to the most expensive sneakers or leather shoes. It is necessary to remove these fold marks before they become permanent and in due course of time will make the shoe look old.

Without wasting any more time, let’s start learning these magic tricks of vanishing the creases from a shoe.

Leather Oil

If the creases are new then this technique will work. What you need to do is put a few drops of leather oil on the creases and massage it gently on the marks with a help of dry soft cloth Massage till all the oils get absorbed into the leather. Ensure to stretch the leather while you massage the oil so that the shoe regains its original shape.

Now put the shoe on a shoe tree and leave it there for at least two weeks to harden the leather.

Always use good quality leather oil and avoid using strong oil as they may leave stains on leather.

The best way to keep out crease is by using a crease guard, and applying shoe guard spray will maintain leather’s shine forever.

Helpful Tips

Shoe Tree

This is one of the more familiar and old techniques for preventing creases from a shoe. It has always been recommended to use a cedar shoe tree as they help not only to maintain the shoe’s shape, but it also absorbs moisture and removes the odor.

Make a habit to put your shoe on a shoe tree for at least 2-12 days to de-ceased and keep the shoe shape.

Ironing the creases

This is considered to be the best method for de-creasing shoe especially sneakers.
Take a small piece of cotton cloth and wet it in water. After squeezing the excess water from the cloth put this damp cloth on the area where the shoe has creases.

Heat the iron till it gets moderately hot or reaches 80F and thereafter put the hot iron on a damp cloth. The steam from the cloth will make shoe material soft and stretched.

Avoid putting hot iron on leather shoes for a too long time as extreme heat may damage the leather.
Once the cloth on shoe creases cools down; immediately put the shoe on a shoe tree for 2 weeks to retain its shape.

Before you decide to use hot iron on the creases, always read your shoe manufacturer’s instructions and act accordingly, as too much heat may change the color of leather.

Blow Dryer

It’s again a very simple technique where you first need to stuff the shoe with newspaper or toilet paper or old clothes to stretch the leather.

Thereafter heat a hairdryer at the highest temperature and blow hot air directly over the shoe creases at a minimum distance of 3-4 inches from the shoe. While blowing, constantly move the dryer to avoid excessive application of heat in any single spot & prevent charring.

While blowing hot air, you need to simultaneously massage the creases for stretching the leather.

Once you get satisfied results, allow the shoe to cool and then apply the leather Conditioner.

Cloth Steamer

The use of clothes steamer is another great alternative for removing creases from the shoe. What you need is any newspaper, toilet paper, towel, or old clothes to stuff the inside of the shoe to hold its shape. Now put a dry cloth on the creases and when the steamer is hot apply it softly on the dry cloth.

Ensure to move the device to & fro so that heat and moisture don’t accumulate only in the single same spot or else it will damage the upper layer material of the shoe or sneaker.

Once completed put the shoe immediately on a shoe tree for 2-12 days. This will keep the shoe in shape.

All the mentioned methods of de-creasing shoe work for new and minor. For old and complicated creases it’s better to take them to shoe repair shop.