These Grinding rails will help you practice in small spaces…

Grinding Rails turns our boring walk into an action sport. Performing  stunts against city road obstacles with favorite soap shoes on provide both satisfaction and fun.

But if you belong to town which does not have a place to grind or if you want to practice at your own time in your backyard then keep reading this post till the end.

Availability of portable grind rails has made it easy for the soaper to practice their skill set at their own wish time in their love spot. Be it a beginner or an expert everybody can now enjoy them by performing increased sports activity. But when it comes to buying the right grind rails you must make the right choice. For this, you have to consider few points. Let us find out what are those guidance pointer.

1. Chose grind rails depending on your skill ability. For e.g, if you are starter then it is better to go for flat rails & as you learn more tricks then try steeper rails. If you are somebody who looking for difficult obstacle then you must consider the height & steepness of the rail.

2. If you have fixed spot for practicing grinding, for instance, the backyard of your home then you don’t have to worry much on the portability or weight of the rails. Whereas if you don’t have fixed place & want to play at any place be it the beach or at friends place then it is necessary for your rail to be foldable, lightweight and doesn’t require a tool to assemble or disassemble them.

In short look for rails which are not only easy to carry but also easy to install.

3. You never want a rail which can crash or bend during your practice. To understand the durability & stability of the rail inspect about materials used, its weight capacity, joints, and supports.

4. The last & most important point is the price you are paying for the grind rail. High price doesn’t always mean good quality and low price doesn’t always mean cheap quality. What you have to check is the grind rail which you are buying does it value for money or not.

Our post will guide those who are looking for the incredible grind rails available in the market which can either be fixed in the home backyard or can be carried to a friendly place to enjoy grinding together.

These grind rails are rated as highly recommended by customers who brought them and satisfied with their quality. I have tried to include varieties so that most people find them useful as per their requirements.

Without wasting any further time Let’s get started:

1.Mojo Rails

Mojo Rails are made out of extra durable welded steel which has a powder coat finish. The top surfaces are built with resin wrapped marine board and black epoxy wood. Mojo grind rails can be easily taken to any location of your choice.

Bought this for my son, works great, slides easy, 3 height adjustments were perfect spaceing. I was a little worried about the feet not being wide enough, but after putting it together and watching my son slide on it for an hour or so, you don’t need to worry, it was solid. I will now keep an eye out for other Mojo products.”______Review by a customer

Mojo Rails offer a variety of grind rails like Mojo Rails Split Yellow Grinding Rail;Mojo Rails Square Blue Grinding Rail; Mojo Rails Flat Bar Black Grinding Rail.

Mojo Rails Split Yellow Grinding Rail – Features

  • Has a square & flat bar style construction with rounded ends for the easy jump on & off.
  • Has two adjustable legs. The height of the legs can be adjusted depending on your need and skill set ability.
  • The entire bar has a yellow powder coat finish.
  • It is 6 feet long.
  • Made out of good quality steel
  • Easy to Assemble

Mojo Rails Square Blue Grinding Rail-Features

  • It has a square flat bar construction style which helps the beginner to learn to grind.
  • The bar is 7.5 feet long
  • Has two adjustable legs. The height of the legs can be adjusted depending on your need and skill set ability.
  • The rail is entirely coated with a blue powder finish.
  • It can easily be stored in a garage when not in use
  • Made out of steel which builds its construction strong and sturdy.
  • Requires Assembly.

Mojo Rails Flat Bar Black Grinding Rail-Features

  • Just like above two grind rails, this again has square flat bar construction.
  • It is 6’4″ long.
  • Entire grind rail has got black powder coat finish.
  • It has a weight of 30 pounds which makes it easy to carry anywhere.
  • Height option in two-leg helps the player to adjust it as per their skill progress.
  • Made out of good quality steel for durability.
  • Requires Assembly

2.Fresh Park Rails

Grind Rails from Fresh Park Rails are the most popular as they can be folded, weatherproof & are portable. Freshparks grind rails can be linked or moved from one place to another with only one or two-person.

“Bought this for my 16-year-old son. He put it together, and has been using it every day. Seems like a good product so far. Looks great!”_____Review by a customer.

Freshparks brand rails are sold all across the US. The brand includes grind rails like Grind Rail; Freshpark Ultimate Grind Kit;12 Grind Rail-(2) 6ft Grind Rails.


Fresh Parks Grind Rails-Features

  • It has a capsule-shaped which is a combination of a flat bar & a round rail for ease on & off.
  • The rail height can be adjusted to make it rise or grounded which offering various possibilities of grinding stunts.
  • Multiple Configuration. Grinding can be done on it by itself or if the player wants more thrill then connect it to other fresh park rails.
  • It is made out of high-quality weatherproof & durable materials
  • The rail size is 71.5″ L x 3.15″ W x 9″ – 19″ H
  • Its height adjustability9″ – 19″ H
  • The grind rail weighs 26 LB
  • Maximum weight which the rail can hold is 300 LBS
  • The manufacturer offers 90 days limited warranty

Fresh park Ultimate Grind Kit-Features

  • It includes two pole jam’s at 39″ long x 15″ tall
  • One Rainbow Rail installed to build a 12′ long x 21″ tall rainbow rail
  • 6′ long Flat bar is included whose height can be adjusted from 12″ to 15″ tall.
  • Its cold rolled powder coated steel enhances the grinding experience
  • Multiple Configuration- It can be used in 10 different ways & can be linked to all obstacles from the Freshpark brand.
  • It comes with 4 knobs, 2 legs, 2 feet, 1 angled flat-bar
  • The company offers 90 days limited warranty

Fresh Park 12 Grind Rail-(2) 6ft Grind Rails-Features

  • It includes two 6 feet grind rails which are interlocked to provide a length of 12 feet.
  • The height of the rail can be adjusted as per the requirement of the player.
  • The rail got an oval-shaped style which combines the benefits of a flat bar and a round rail for smooth grinding tricks.
  • Made out of good quality weatherproof material for durability.
  • Can be configured in different ways to provide variety in obstacles for grinding stunts and for an added adventure it can be linked with any other fresh park obstacles
  • The rail size is 71.5″ L x 3.15″ W x 9″ – 19″ H
  • The height adjustability is 9″ – 19″ H
  • It weighs 26 LB
  • It comes with three-month limited warranty

3.The OC Skate Rails

 The OC rails are designed & made by professional skaters in the US to ensure they are of professional standards. They offer grind rails from basic flat to round & adjustable which can be used at home or for the community.

Very easy to put together.Assembly did not take as long as expected.As always,the ramp got here in record time & was shipped in great packaging.I have bought many things from OC ramps,and will continue to do so.”______Review by a customer

The OC brand offer rails like Camo Rail; 6′ Flat Rail; 12′ Adjustable Round Rail; Cody McEntire’s Lonestar Bar; 8′ Round Rail; Ryan Decenzo’s 24k Gold Rail

The OC Camo Rail- Features

  • It is an 8ft in length which is cut in half at 4 ft.
  • They are very easy to move to any place.
  • Can be stored when not in use. The item doesn’t occupy much storage space.
  • High-quality steels make its construction strong & sturdy.
  • Designed and welded by professional Skaters
  • The height of the rail can be adjusted from12-17 inches
  • It hardly takes 3-5 minutes to assemble the entire set.

The OC 6′ Flat Rail-Features

  • As the name suggests it is a flat rail of about 6 ft long
  • Made of good quality metal & paint for durability
  • The rail is designed and made by professional skaters which helps the player to enhance their grinding abilities.
  • This grind rail can be used by all ages & level of sports action
  • The width of the rail is 2ft.
  • The height of the rail is 8.5 inches.

The OC 12′ Adjustable Round Rail-Features

  • Again as the name suggests it is a 12 ft round rail for easy grinding.
  • The height of the Round rails is adjustable depending on your grinding ability.
  • The materials used to construct this rail is highly durable & are designed for outdoor use.
  • Suitable to be used by all ages /level of grinding.
  • As mentioned earlier all OC products are designed & welded by professional skaters.
  • The height of the rail is 12 inch.
  • The width of the rail is 2 ft.
  • It weighs 75lbs.
  • Assembly required time is only 5 minutes.

Cody McEntire’s Lonestar Bar-Features

  • This Grind rail is designed by pro skater Cody McEntire
  • As it is made out of high-grade metals its construction is strong & durable.
  • No tools are required to set this bar as it is designed for ready to use.
  • The rail heights can be adjusted from 12-18 inches
  • The length of the rail is 8ft
  • The bar weighs 35lbs

The OC 8′ Round Rail-Features

  • This round rail is 8 ft long and 2 ft width
  • As designed for outdoor use, they are made of durable paints and metals.
  • This rail is suitable for all ages and grade of grinding stunts
  • Its height is 12 inches

Ryan Decenzo’s 24k Gold Rail-Features

  • This Gold rail is designed by pro skater Ryan Decenzo
  • It is an 8 ft long rails which come in two 4ft long pieces.
  • The height can be adjusted from 12-17 inches
  • Easy to assemble & disassemble for travel. Assembly time takes about 3-5minutes.
  • As said earlier all the OC manufactured rails are made of robust metals for outdoor use.
  • Kindly be informed real gold is not used for its construction.

4. Subrosa Street Rail

Subrosa Street Rail from Subrosa brand has won the heart of many young adult and adults because of its specific style and look

“Slides like butter, pricey”._____Review by a customer


  • It is an 8ft long which can be broken down at 4ft long for easy transportation.
  • Made out of steel which has a fast black coating to enhance grind ability.
  • Has 2.5mm thick steel tubing & 2.25 in round tubing which offers endless trick capabilities.
  • The rail is supported by heat-treated, 17mm hex bolts and to ensure that the rail doesn’t move from its place during grinding, the feet of the rail has rubber pads
  • It weighs around 50lbs and the height of the rail is 18″
  • Incase if 8ft long rail is not enough to perform your tricks then use Subrosa connection kits which allows connecting two or more rails to increase the length
  • This grind rail can be made as a permanent structure by bolting it to the ground.
  • It is expensive compared to competitors grind rail because of its high end design and grinding quality

5. X Factor Driveway Grind Rail

This grind rail from X Factor is one of the toughest rails by people who are using it.

“I have had this rail for almost 3 years now and it is great. i have left it out in the rain and left it in the snow when i use my snowboard on it and it has not rusted at all. it is very easy to assemble and it does not sag in the middle. there is a little crease in the middle from putting it together but it does not make a difference. i am very pleased with this product and this can be used for any age”______Review by a customer


  • The rail measures 54″ in length and fat 1.5″ round diameter.
  • Though the rail is long & linked in the middle it doesn’t bend in spite of rough use. It can hold weight up to 170 pounds.
  • The high-end engineering together with high-quality material made its build strong and solid.
  • The rail can be adjusted to 3 different heights.
  • No equipment is required to assemble it.

6. D6 Sports Grind Rail

 D6 Sports Grind rail measures 56″ long. Because of its long length, it enables the soapers to perform the grinding rails for longer periods

“Bought this for my husband for his birthday. It is so sturdy and excellent!! He loves it already!”_____Review by a customer


  • As mentioned the grind rail is about 56″ long which make it unique from other available grind rails.
  • The Long rails are supported by 3 legs which provide extra support and prevent it from bending.
  • The legs height can be adjusted at 6,7 or 8 inches above the ground.
  • The grind rail has Non-Slip Footplates which helps the player to perform aggressive grinding smoothly.
  • D6 sports grind rail measures 4 x 7.7 x 25 inches and weighs 10.75 lbs

7. Element Flat Bar Skate Obstacle

This flat-bar from Element has been designed both for beginners & advanced player. It’s popular for being lightweight & its adjustable height

“This product is great and you get what you pay for, it has a very sturdy build and does not lift when you do a grind/slide on it. Shipping was quite quick and overall I am very pleased for this purchase!”______Review by a customer


  • Its unique engineering enables the player to perform aggressive stunts and measures 6’long.
  • Very easy to carry & install because of its lightweight.
  • The Rail height can be adjusted to as low as 9inches for the beginner or can be raised to 13 inches from the ground.
  • The rail width is 4″ and weighs 28lbs.
  • The entire set can hold weight up to 200 pounds

The above-discussed grind rails are from top-selling brands & have got the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Hope you found this post useful and helps you with what you are searching for.