Do Cedar Shoe Tree Work? Learn about its benefits and choose the best one.

If you are wondering why you should buy a cedar shoe tree & how it works in preserving your shoe, then let me tell you that this post is going to clear all that confusion. So continue reading this blog till the end.

Cheers! If you have added a new expensive leather shoe to your wardrobe. Since it cost you a sizeable amount it makes sense to maintain them for increasing the leather life.

You cannot preserve the fresh look of the leather shoe just by using a conditioner or scrub brush. It is not possible to keep the look of the shoe best without using a shoe tree. Shoe Tree is a shoe-shaped tool that is put inside the shoe to protect it from losing its original shape & prevents the wrinkles mark on the shoe.

Shoe Tree is usually made of wood, plastic & metal. All these materials are good in conserving the new look of the shoe but the most popular & high-quality shoe trees are made of cedar.

Studies have shown that the use of Cedar Shoe Tree can extend the life of the leather shoe by at least 3times.

Benefits of Using Cedar Shoe Tree          

Absorbs Moisture

It has been found that a pair of human feet have around 250,000 sweat glands that can produce half a pint of perspiration a day. If this moisture inside the shoe is left unattended then it gets absorbed into the lining of the shoes resulting in the decaying of the leather.

When an unvarnished cedar shoe tree is slide inside the shoe it absorbs all the moisture from the leather, drys off the shoes quickly, and prevents the rot of leather lining. Cedar Shoe Tree can suck up more moisture than any other wood or plastic shoe tree.

Rough & Raw Cedar Shoe Tree soaks more moisture than varnished cedar shoe tree as the varnish coating reduces its moisture-absorbing power to a certain extent.

 Preserves the Original Shape of the Shoe And Prevents Creases.

Cedar Shoe Tree protects the shoe shape by providing the right amount of tension on leather by stretching it lengthwise and width-wise especially in the toe area. This Stretching helps the shoe to safeguard its shape & removes the development of creases on the shoe.

Removes Stinks From the Shoe

Cedarwood has a natural aroma that is not there in any plastic or other wood. The fresh scent of the cedar shoe tree counters the sweaty odor and keeps the shoes smell fresh all time.

Since the aroma of cedar shoe trees fades away with time, it is recommended to lightly rub the cedar shoe tree with sandpaper to regain its natural scent.

Drives Insects Away

The natural oils of cedarwood have repellent properties that keep the insects, termites, cockroaches, beetles & moths away.

Cedar Shoe Tree serves multiple purposes in your closet. It smells amazing, protects the shoe from creases, and dispose of the cloth & leather eating insects away from the closet.

Based on the above strong points it is obvious that cedar works efficiently as a Shoe Tree. It is preferred over plastic or any other material shoe tree due to its additional usefulness.

Choosing the Best Cedar Shoe Tree

As per customer rating analysis below is the list of cedar shoe tree that has the highest-selling records. The Rating has been made on pointers like adjustability and quality.

Moneysworth & Best Men’s Red Cedar Shoe Trees

  • Due to its fine finish, this Moneysworth Men cedar shoe Tree looks elegant.
  • Made with premium quality American red Cedarwood that provides a nice color & smell.
  • Its brass-plated metal hardware offers a classic appearance.
  • Got hook heel and expandable split toe that fits most of the footwear style.
  • Its Professional design helps to protect the original shape of the shoe & prevents curling & cracks on leather.

Woodlore Adjustable Men’s Shoe Tree Pair

  • Made from US cedar tree. Woodlore Shoe Trees are made with at least 75% or more of heartwood that has got large moisture absorbing & aromatic qualities.
  • They offer almost a lifetime warranty against any type of mechanical defects.
  • Its split-toe design gets adjusted into a variety of footwear styles by expanding in the toe areas.
  • Gets adjusted lengthwise & widthwise to fit into any type of shoe shapes & sizes.

 Allen Edmonds Men’s Combination Cedar Shoe Tree

  • Men’s Combination Cedar Tree by Allen Edmonds is designed & crafted in the US.
  • They are made with aromatic cedar wood that removes any kind of unpleasant odor from the shoe.
  • Its adjustable width split-toe fits into any kind of shoe style & helps the shoe to preserve its original shape without any creases.
  • As both the body & sole are made with pure cedarwood it absorbs moistures from the shoe efficiently & prevents the destruction of the leather.

Whenever you decide to buy a new cedar made shoe tree from the market try to use this list to find the best one.

A Cheaper Option of Cedar Shoe Trees

Though Cedar Shoe Trees are usually very expensive because of its functionality, still there are few cedar shoe trees which are both cheap and useful. One of them is Household Essentials Fresh Men’s Cedar Shoe Trees.

  • They are made with eastern red cedar wood to reduce smell & absorb moisture.
  • Got narrowed solid split –toe and molded heels to maintain the shape of the shoe.
  • Has a spring-loaded mechanism to fit into the shoe with varied length & width.
  • There is a leather strap that is embedded into the heel of the shoe tree for easy handling.

As cheap cedar shoe tree options are less available one easy way of getting them at a lower cost is during the clearance sale.  In this course of time, many branded shoe manufacturer offers a large discount on a high-end quality cedar shoe tree.