Answered: Your Most Burning Question About where can I buy soap shoes

Where can I buy soap shoes is the most haunted inquiry for all those who are looking for a new pair of soap shoes. They became uncommon and difficult to get after the company stopped manufacturing them sometime around 2003.

People who have witnessed the trend of soaping during 1997, even now get crazy when they come across someone performing grind stunts. By signing petition soapers have always expressed how desperately they want these grind shoes back.

I don’t know if in future soap shoes are coming back to life or not, however, one thing which I can do is help people in finding them by highlighting specific avenues from where they can still be purchased.

So here we go :

1. eBay

eBay is the largest  American online e-commerce sites where you can get the hardest items on sale. Though not frequently but certainly they got soap shoes in their catalog both as used and new pairs from old stock. You have to search them from time to time until you get them.

If you are someone whose soap shoe is in good condition but its grind plates have wear off then obviously you know it is time to get the grind plates replaced. eBay certainly is a good hunting ground for  soap shoe replacement grind plates

On eBay, the prices are on higher sides.

2. is another American online shopping sites just like eBay where also you can get soap shoes. But again as they are rare you will not always find them on their selling items list.

You have to search for them continuously until you are lucky to find them

3. is a Uk based online retailers specialing in skate products. In the past, they had put soap shoes for sale. So it is also another website where you can try.

 4. Solid

Solid is not any online selling sites, it is a fan-made site dedicated to promoting and documenting activity related to Soap/Grind Shoe. By joining their forum you will get an opportunity to information about grind shoes as and when fans share posts including where to get them. On such forum, you can post about your need for soap shoe & if fortunate you might get them also.

5. Auction Sites

Auction sites are another area where you can look for soap grind shoe. Auction sites are considered as one of the potential sites where you can get ” rare to find” items. Trust me many have succeeded in bidding soap shoe from these sites.

And if you are particularly looking for sonic soap shoes, then the best auction sites would be Yahoo! JAPAN Auctions, Surugaya, Otsukai, etc.

But again as mentioned earlier been a rare item you need to sincerely search for them frequently because you don’t know when they will appear.